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Plumbing & Heating

306 Industrial Drive

Henning, MN 56551

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Welcome to Brogard Plumbing & Heating's website

We are one of our areas most complete plumbing, heating and excavating contractors. We have a retail location to provide many of your needs, as well as qualified service and installation people ready to serve you.

Services we provide

    - Plumbing - new construction, remodel or repair 

    - Heating - new construction, remodel or repair

                + Geothermal - pump & dump or closed loop

                + Air to air heat pumps - install or repair

                + Air conditioning - install or recharge

                + Furnaces - Gas or fuel oil - replace or repair (most brands)

                + Plenum heaters

    - Excavating - we have excavators and dump trucks

                + Dig basements

                + Bury holes as permited for rocks etc.

                + Dig in water lines or sewer lines commercial or residential

    - Septic Systems

                + Traditional or mound systems design and installation

                + Repair drainfields

    - Brush Clearing

                + Clear fencelines or trails

                + Stump & tree removal